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Welcome to our beauty blog


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By z4030124330, Sep 24 2018 05:08PM

We've been waiting patiently for our delivery of the new Norse shaving products and are excited to say it's arrived.

Sarah and I think they look fantastic and we're feeling quite smug about how these razors are better for the environment that than ugly plastic things. We're also proud to be buying British.

The trouble is we've both been busy with the IPL machine and now neither of us have any unwanted hair to shave off.

So how would we be able to test them out and give you an honest review .....

There was only one answer. Call in the assistance of my husband Dave (or Mr Julie as he's sometimes affectionately known).

So off he headed to the bathroom armed with a shiny new ebony razor set and a tub of Bergamot shave soap.

Some time later ....

My very first impression is: I'm 46 years old and can honestly say this is the first razor that actually made me feel like a proper grown-up.

I've spent all of my adult life buying disposable razors and the marketing names "fusion-mega-stealth-superflex-awesomatic" make me cringe every time I buy them.

This razor has a simple design, a good weight, is well constructed and frankly looks classy on the bathroom shelf. I'm an engineer and can't help but smile when something is well made. This is well made.

The soap lathers very easily, smells good and using the brush to apply it is weirdly satisfying, like you're preparing properly.

Now for the "will I rip my face off?" stage. This is my first time using a safety razor and my nerves aren't particularly calmed by the word "safety".

It is reassuringly easy to find the best angle for the shave (30 degrees apparently), and even shaving against the grain I avoided any cuts. The single blade definitely results in less skin irritation than my old 5 bladed thing that always left me with a lot of redness.

This is a razor you take your time with, it's very easy to get used to using, and it rewarded me with a very smooth result. In a fit of overenthusiasm I went straight into using it to shave my whole head, with exactly the same satisfying results; even shaving the back of my head "blind" was a doddle.

Dave's Verdict: I'm not giving this back to Julie. It's mine now. This is a smoother, better shave than I'm used to and I'm sticking with it.

The full range of Norse razors and shaving accessories is now available in salon and on-line

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